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Contentment is Golden - On Finding Your Voice

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"Contentment is Golden"- On Finding Your Artistic Voice
A recent post by Artist Robert Genn, of Painter's Keys Newsletter, "On Finding Your Voice" had a comment with a quote by portrait artist Mary Lapos.
There is a simple saying in English, "Contentment is Golden". -Swami Satchidananda

In reading more information on the Swami I found this comment in an interview:
"You don't have to look for a gold rush in the West or East. Be contented, and whatever you touch turns into gold. Contentment means being peaceful. You are happy. You are not greedy. Accept whatever comes. Be contented. So remain, keep the mind in that peaceful state, and whatever you do will find success.
- Swami Satchidananda

My feeling is that "originality of style" comes from what is to be seen by each individual, not necessarily what is seen in front of us. We each have our own personal interpretation of the world, based on our experiences.Trying to "fit in" by strictly following "the rules" or "copying exactly what we see", can be dangerous. This is because it doesn't express our own perceptions, or the passages and processes we are focusing on in our life at the moment. To me, that's what my art is. A higher level of self realization being brought forward. Getting through some of this focused processing can be arduous at times. These are the times I try to be boldly adventurous, dismiss established habitual practices and set aside many of "the rules". Have the confidence to let the subconscious mind have fun and play
Explore with your own selective eye
Paint or create, by letting your own eccentricities evolve
Don't follow a predetermined process
Put away reference early on in the process
Keep a watchful eye and let happenstance develop and transform
Work from a "What If" perspective
Give yourself the gift of time
Don't let criticism limit your creativity (Only you know your path)

"Many of the faults you see in others, dear reader, are your own nature reflected in them." (Rumi)

"This discipline and rough treatment are a furnace to extract the silver from the dross. This testing purifies the gold by boiling the scum away. " (Rumi)

Currently I am working on the painting "Air"- Of Breathing, Openness, Atmosphere, Expression, Aspects, Aura. My elemental series is my most playful work. I usually have six to eight pieces, of different series, going at a time. This enables me to pick and choose what type of work I will work on daily. It also helps to keep the work "fresh" and gives me time away, so I can come back with a discerning eye. Transformation takes time and processing, give yourself the permission and wonderful things will happen.
Be contented with your uniquely authentic process. Explore, have fun, silence the ego critic, let transformation develop within you - the gold will shine through, is my motto.